Signature Process

Using our proprietary Signature Processing techniques and following minimally manipulative procedures, our process does not alter the relevant structural properties of the perinatal tissue. Our tissue products maintain the integrity of the original source material and the relevant characteristics to its topical utility for beautification and hydration. 

  • All products undergo independent sterility testing and are manufactured in a GMP & GTP Facility.
  • Signature AmnioDerm and Signature UCDerm are produced from perinatal tissue without the use of artificial additives like thickners, colors, or perfumes. 
  • Prescription use only for sale to licensed healthcare professionals.

Signature UCDerm

Product Description: Signature UCDerm is a human umbilical cord tissue product for aesthetic applications. The dense tissue viscosity allows for easy topical application to provide extracellular proteins to trouble spots and natural hyaluronic acid hydration.

Measurement: Signature UCDerm is standardized on the density of naturally occurring collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

Natural Biologic Alternative: Umbilical Cord tissue is rich in trophic factors and cytokines, including: IGFBP-3, TSP-1, PF4, Periostin, SerpinA4, Activin A, GROa, Follistatin, HGF, TIMP-1, TIMP-2, and VEGF-R1. 

Delivery: Signature UCDerm product can be applied topically before or after advanced microneedling therapy. Our tissue is packaged in a 1.0mL wide mouth vial and frozen at -20 ̊C. 

Signature AmnioDerm

Product Description: Signature AmnioDerm is an acellular product extracted from human amnion tissue that contains trophic factors for aesthetic applications. 

Measurement: Signature AmnioDerm is standardized on the density of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory prostanoids. 

Natural Biologic Alternative: Amniotic tissue is rich in trophic factors and cytokines, including: PGE2, VEGF-R1, TSP-1, TIMP-1, TIMP-2, Periostin, IGFBP-3, HGF, Follistatin-like 1, and Adiponectin. 

Delivery: Signature AmnioDerm product can be applied topically and through advanced microneedling devices. Our product is packaged in a 5.0mL pre-filled luer lock syringe and frozen at -20 ̊C.